Helping you to enhance your CCTV installations by adding cost-effective, customer-focused remote CCTV monitoring.

Types Of Monitoring

Business Monitoring

We’re completely independent with no links or ties to any installer and therefore provide our first class service with only you in mind. Remote Watch Monitoring are dedicated to service delivery and work around the clock 365 days a year to protect your business with no excuses – It’s that simple, you always come first. We accommodate all our customers with a unique, tailored service, meeting and exceeding their expectations at market leading prices. Our independence means we are happy to work alongside any existing installer maintenance package you hold.

Home Monitoring

Delivering truly exceptional levels of remote CCTV monitoring security and comfort to its members, our service ensures that the lifestyle often demanded from people in these roles is completely catered for, be it: •Protection from intrusive paparazzi •Care for their loved ones •Safety of vehicles and property •Rapid response in the event of an emergency Black Tag delivers total peace of mind and does so with complete confidentiality and with the utmost of discretion. Already a successful and sought after service, our service offers to its members something extra special. Please contact us for more details

Construction Monitoring

The theft of machinery from building sites has been a serious problem in recent years and has continued to rise. Remote Watch Monitoring provide a complete service delivering a range of site security 24/7, 365 days a year.

School Monitoring

With the continuing squeeze on education budgets, schools are under increasing pressure to keep costs to a minimum. Remote Watch Monitoring School Service is designed specifically with places of learning in mind delivering a focused service allowing us to control costs and pass the savings onto you.

Hospital Monitoring

Urgent care center, health care facilities and hospitals demand for Remote Watch Monitoring is extremely high with being able to monitor large areas with minimal manpower wile helping to decrease security and control costs.

Sports Club Monitoring

When designing our Sports Club Monitoring Service, we took into consideration the high cost of running and maintaining a Sports Club. The result of this has been the development of a highly focused service utilising advanced technology and our monitoring experience, allowing us to control costs and pass the savings directly to you.

Quote to Connection within Only 1 Hour

We work extremely quickly to get you connected. During office hours we can have you up and running within 1 hour from the minute you request a quote with us.

Remote watch Monitoring

Remote Watch Monitoring is a customer-focused remote CCTV monitoring station based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Our business is your company's security. Remote Monitoring for your CCTV is a step towards prevention and avoid an incident.

24 Hour Service

Manned by our own highly trained, specialist personnel we are able to provide you with a high quality reliable remote monitoring service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Additionally, using our Transparent Services System (TSS), you will be able to see in real-time exactly what is happening on your site. Furthermore, you will be able to review our actions and see exactly what we did and when we did it, helping you to see the difference between a Remote Watch Monitoring service and an ordinary one.
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Some Of Our Clients Testimonials

Black Tag Client Director

"The service has been 'first class', thank you!"

Major Food Group Company Owner

I would definitely recommend the services of Remote Watch Monitoring to anybody to secure their premises, they are professional and offer excellent service to secure our compound. Since we have been working with Remote Watch Monitoring was have had no incidents whatsoever. I now leave on a night/weekend feeling confident that our property is protected and in safe hands.

Award Winning Security Group CEO

From the very start of our relationship, Remote Watch Monitoring has helped us to provide an added edge for our business via their highly professional, tailored monitoring service. It is a service that is delivered to a very high standard in a consistent, yet highly enjoyable manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Medical Centre North Hants Staff

"Excellent service, very, very happy"

Major CCTV Company In Leeds CEO

Really glad to be working with you, you’re so much better than the previous monitoring station.”

Leading Automotive Components Supplier CEO

Just a few words to say thank you for your service since we moved our monitoring to you. The handover from our old provider to yourselves went very smoothly indeed. From the amount of alerts we receive now it is highly likely that some were missed from our previous provider!! It's a nice touch that your operators say good night to us as we leave the premises, it also reassures us that everything is working correctly."

Motorcycle Training Charity Charity Admin

A lesson learnt the hard way: you don’t know how bad a monitoring centre is until it’s too late! Since switching the monitoring of our system to Remote Watch Monitoring, we have been impressed with the professional service provided and have been delighted with their on-going support and immediate attention.

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